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Are you excited for the ExpressionMed Restock? 

Tapes also fit the g5 sensor and will ship by October 15th. Delivers to U.S. addresses in 3-5 business days.

Dexcom Tape Design g6 ExpressionMed like Pump Peelz Griff Grips Simpatch and other Amazon companies

Dear Diabuddy,

We at ExpressionMed are very excited to offer you our best deal yet as we prepare to launch our G6 tapes and restock a few fan-favorite designs. Keep scrolling to learn why our tape is the best and hear from some people who use it every day. Enjoy!

 - Meghan Sharkus, Founder and CEO of ExpressionMed LLC

Here's why we're excited for you to try our Dexcom patches! 

Despite our name, our company is about more than just design. We value the comfort, durability, and longevity of our Dexcom tapes.


Withstands moisture in showers, baths, and workouts. Tested by swimmers and durable enough for swimming laps or playing in the ocean!

Waterproof ExpressionMed Dexcom Tape Patch adhesive
Dexcom Tape painless removal patch sticker tape no allergic reaction sensitive skin friendly ExpressionMed Griff Grips patch peelz

 Stretch and Flex

Why is this important? It makes our patches more comfortable and prevents skin trauma and goupy residue when stretched off! How cool is that?  

 Never Frays or Rolls!

I'm sure you've seen or experienced a patch that frays or begins to roll up after just a few days of use. This not only affects longevity but looks awful! ExpressionMed's fray resistant material keeps your patch looking like you just put it on!

Dexcom that never will fray roll peel or fall off soon tape patch adhesive ExpressionMed compare to Griff Grips Pump Peelz

Why people love ExpressionMed Tape:

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Waterproof ExpressionMed Dexcom Tape Patch adhesive

" We had tried other patches in the past and found that they didn’t hold up well. They’d lift up, peel and/or fray after only 2-3 days of wear... Then I discovered Expression Med. I have been super impressed with the quality & durability of the patch. Not only does it hold up to all the water play, showers & baths Jesse enjoys almost daily, but it lasts without lifting or peeling for a full 14 days!! Jesse also has sensitive skin and I’m happy to report that these patches do not irritate his skin at all! .

Tanja Weiser Vancouver, Canada

" It is one year exactly that my dd has been wearing Expressionmed tapes! We never went back to any other brands. After trying many tapes that lasted only one day or even hours, ExpressionMed stayed on for a long time, never frayed and most importantly my daughter ,for the first time in months, enjoyed playing without thinking about the sensor tape. So try it if you haven’t, you won’t regret it..

Cynthia Teran Enid, OK

Spend over $50 for a FREE Holiday Set!

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Note: Supplies are limited, and we'll take down this offer when we run out. Be sure to claim your free tapes now! 

I can't wait for you to join the ExpressionMed Family and get your free holiday tapes in the mail! 

Happy Fall!